MARILYN PROPP and DAVID JONES have been exhibiting together since 2006. Similar in their interest in machine parts and environmental concerns, Jones began as a photographer and printmaker, while Propp was primarily a painter.  David has moved toward combining digital manipulation with hand printmaking;  Marilyn is producing handmade paper and relief prints. Together they founded Anchor Graphics, Chicago in 1990, and the Center for Collaborative Research, Kenosha, WI, in 2017, one hour north of Chicago and 45 minutes south of Milwaukee, along the shores of Lake Michigan.

Please visit our blog for news about the Center for Collaborative Research, our new non-profit based on Anchor Graphics:

MARILYN PROPP   My current work, Notes from the Sea, reflects the clash/coexistence between the industrial and the natural worlds. Industrial debris, machine parts, and marine life are entangled or morph into one another; a vision of the future where accommodation is the result. Handmade paper, relief prints, and layered oil paintings on wood are my primary media.

DAVID JONES   Layers of memory, palimpsests: visions reused and altered, but bearing traces of their earlier forms; slices of time and experiences.  I input my photo images, and, using the programming language Max, I write custom software systems, creating new images through distortions and repetitions. There are myriads of combinations.  I capture one, import it into Photoshop, color separate into CMYK, and hand print the image using the Xerox transfer process: paper-plate lithography-- thus using both digital and hand work.