MARILYN PROPP   My current work, Notes from the Sea, reflects the clash/coexistence between the industrial and the natural worlds. Industrial debris, machine parts, and marine life are entangled or morph into one another; a vision of the future where accommodation is the result.  Begun after the Gulf Oil Spill,  it is fueled by  environmentally destructive practices: the destruction of coral reefs through the system of bottom trawling; plastic packaging that washes out to sea and contributes to the five gyres and to beaches awash with plastic bottles; oil spills.

I use the materiality of the paint and paper and a saturated palette to create an image of beauty that also reflects destruction, seducing the viewer into engaging with the work.

Sea turtles are often my representatives of the threats to global oceans. They are endangered due to habitat loss, plastics in the ocean, over exploitation, and climate change. Scientists use tagged sea turtles to track their movements, providing an oceanographic map of the areas through which they travel. I have also chosen them as a subliminal emblem. They are an ancient symbol of creativity, longevity, endurance, and persistence. They journey for great distances and persevere through obstacles. As such, they serve as a metaphor for my own studio practice. 

DAVID JONES  The drawings from the last several years have been an exploration in relearning the use of traditional mark making. My source was images from automobile parts schematics. I employed a semi-blind contour method to create pen drawings of machines that neither function nor propel. These drawings were enlarged and hand-printed using the processes of Xerox transfer and paper-plate lithography.